Sunday, March 28, 2010


This week it became confrontingly obvious that I am drowning in "Stuff" and I need to prioritize what I  REALLY need and what NEEDS to go, before I can move on and develop the space.

I was actually offered a stall at Campberwell Market that I took thinking that it would be the perfect opportunity to down load some of the bits that I had determined were not required any more, but left the car loading until the night before.  Normally this is easy, but due to the Grand Prix and Earth Hour, I failed............... so, instead of arriving at the market on Sunday with a full car to sell, I arrived with an empty car that came back filled!  Not the desired effect.

A big shout out to  Maximillian for coming in on Friday to help me get organised.  His adventurous spirit was most appreciated when I put down tools at 1.30pm announcing that we were off to go to the Melbourne Garden Show - It was a research momment that I knew he would enjoy.

I am currently proposing a vertical garden project to the City of Melbourne and wanted to view the vertical gardens on display at the Garden Show - disappointingly this year there were very few.  

The above garden was put together by the collective efforts of Phillip Johnson and Swinburne Institute students and seemed to be the most visually interesting I could find.  The quest continues.....

As far as the space moving forward this week - the electrician came in to quote on Tuesday - this was a great feat, due to the condition of Melbourne after the recent storms. The  fact that all trades people are currently "under the pump" trying to sort out the damage and related damage associated with these storms had made it neigh on impossible to get anyone to come to a call out let alone quote, so I can only assume that the stars are aligned.

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