Wednesday, June 30, 2010

When work gets in the way

OK, so I  disappeared for 2 months, AND for good reason - I was inundated by work.  It has been a time of revising and using skills that I have not had purpose to use for quite a long time.

It started with who have just become licensed to use the upstairs area of their terrace restaurant as a bar.  

Jo Corrigan the head commoner asked me to do a chandelier for the bar area that would represent her theme of Carnage  - this lead on to several other things..........

 Upholstering banquet seating, making curtains, cushions and blankets all with a distinctly "Commoner" feel as well as a private dinning room feature .

This is the original mock up for the chandelier and some of the curtains hanging in my studio - its all about the drop of the hem! 

Then came some new seating for the gorgeous smith street winebar owned by Catherine Chauchat who was getting a new large table made and required more seating to match her old seating featured below.

Maximillian and I had created this for her last year for the opening of her bar with strict guidelines of "oldworld" look and feel but comfortable - it seems to have lasted quite well - maybe its the real horsehair?

The new seating was made in exactly the same way - patchworked, padded with horsehair and then hand tacked lining and I trust it will feel the same when sat on.

At the same time as this, a music video clip was being made in Sydney and needed the main character to be copied into a figure that was 5cm tall - when I was called, about this, I thought it was a joke, however this was not the case and the job of making the clothes fell to me.

At this point, I want to thank the wonderful staff at who not only inspired me with a cat ballerina necklace that was exactly the same height as my figure but also for assisting me find the best fabric to work with to create my little man's outfit.

Glad to report that all in Sydney gave him the thumbs up and maybe one day he will be on MTV in the far background of the clip.

However I digress from the purpose of this post - there has also been movement at the studio toward the space becoming both a shop and work environment

These are the shelving battens I have had added so that I can gain some much needed storage (above my head) and still use both sides of the table at the same time.  So far no shelves as we had trouble with the type of hardware to use on the wall which was expected to be double brick and ended up being single brick.  Dynabolts we love them!

As well as this, I now have a new hanging system above the counter - the ladder is finally up and will be used for hanging items that need to be seen from all angles

Its been busy, but it is about to get busier - the Nicholas building open night is on the 19th August and I am planning to open on that night so there is much to be done.

The shop will be called; Harold and Maude after my favourite film - so stay tuned.